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Syndatis organizes your business processes, optimizes their cost
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We implement process systems based on the Syndatis AIR platform.

Syndatis – a software house of tailored business solutions.

About us

We are an experienced team of consultants and developers who have been delivering complex IT solutions to large organizations for over 20 years.

We translate the client’s needs into the language of systems. We advise, optimize and integrate.

We model ready-made applications and systems using our proprietary low-code platform, Syndatis AIR. We specialize in process solutions, but as a software house, we also build specialized systems tailored to our clients’ needs.

We build long-term relationships based on our competencies and trust in the quality of our services. We will take care of you and your organization.

Agile Approach

We deliver quickly – in many iterations. We build, with you, your solution from workshop to workshop.

You don’t like waiting months for results – we don’t either.

In the Context

We select the right tools for each problem. We integrate elements of your environment and complement them with our platform.

We think holistically and take care of the process from A to Z.

Broad Perspective

Years of project experience allow us to quickly grasp the essence of the matter and propose accurate ideas.

We build bridges between departments in your company.

Expert Knowledge

A competent team and experts invited to specialized projects create an effective mixture that allows us to carry out any consulting or IT project.

Our projects are realized in two approaches: Syndatis Consulting, when just the optimization is needed, and Syndatis AIR, when IT solution is required.

Syndatis Consulting

Our team of experienced analysts designs and implements business process optimizations in order to assure their maximum efficiency and reliability.

We analyze, advise, optimize and measure.

Do you want to streamline your business process?

Large consulting firms need weeks of analysis to propose a solution that will take months to implement. Many of them won’t even care about executing the plan, for which you will pay a hefty fee for its development.

Freelancers who work quickly and nimbly often lack the expertise and resources to modernize a business process that spans several different domain departments and involves dozens or hundreds of people working in various locations.

We handle this quickly and efficiently, thanks to a high-class team of process planning specialists, management technology design experts, programmers, project managers, and change management professionals working in a flat structure.

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We deliver effective, bespoke business IT solutions.

Syndatis AIR platform is a low-code approach delivered by experienced consultants.

Our team designs, integrates, implements and supports the solution.

Our systems work according to strictly defined rules – or are driven by the AI engine.

We use proven technological solutions and tailor them closely to the client’s needs. Our platform, thanks to hundreds of ready-made handlers, allows for quick modeling and delivery of solutions to even the most difficult problems.

We will integrate with any systems in your organization. We ensure convenient flow and processing of information.

We work for LeadIng Organizations

More than 40 leading enterprises trusted us with their business processes.

Our Solutions

20+ years of experiences in delivering process solutions. Our services cover the following fields:

Business Areas

The areas where we can deliver value by implementing our platform or helping with optimization cover the entirety of the company’s operations:

Sales And Marketing

Sales And Marketing

We help companies to increase the efficiency of sales activities. We focus on the processes - flows of information and decision making. We seek out and action on measures but we do not neglect relationship aspects of business development.

Human Capital

Human Capital

Syndatis provides solutions for very sensitive areas of HR management. Our experience covers documentation flows, time management and soft HR processes. We implement systems for every-day communication (e.g. employees portals).

Customer service

Customer service

Customer Service, being a critical business area, if well managed, guarantees stability and organic growth of the company thanks to the base of satisfied clients. We help to optimize and measure customer service processes and provide solutions - such as customer feedback management.

Product delivery

Product delivery

We help to organize the processes of product development and market launch. We build flows to manage pricing and distribution. We identify the measures and bottlenecks and apply solutions.



As a team of people with IT backgrounds we understand the wide area of the IT-related processes in any organization. Hardware management, network infrastructure, security, system integrations, ERPs, BPMs - we can provide valuable solutions in many areas.

Compliance and risk management

Compliance and risk management

Our analysts help identify business and compliance risks and implement countermeasures. We implement solutions to maintain procedures in accordance with strategic objectives of the organization and the legal framework.

Service delivery

Service delivery

We design solutions supporting the work of the teams delivering services. We enhance the communication, help to organize information and to systematize tasks. We deliver complete process documentation, help to implement the solutions and measure the effects.

Material Assets

Material Assets

We analyze, document and support wide area of processes - planning and purchasing of assets, management of productivity, and resource life-cycle management.



We design and implement integrated process flows supporting finance functions of large organizations. Syndatis helps to plan and control budgets, designs procedures, defines measures and evaluation criteria of individual processes. We deliver purchasing workflows, invoice processing and contract management.

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Our Approach



We seek balanced solutions.

We care about the priorities.

We focus on delivering  value.



We quickly reach the essense.

We prototype.

Our projects are measured in weeks, not years.



We understand broader contexts.

We help to manage change.

We are partners for years.


Tell us.

We will advise, find a good solution and take care of your business.

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