Partners' Affairs Management in the Consulting Company





The need to streamline processes related to managing financial and formal matters related to the company’s partners.

The project included areas covered by the existing IT system, as well as those that were carried out using ad hoc tools (such as Excel spreadsheets) – from managing partner data, through the annual evaluation process, feedback, to income and capital settlements.


Syndatis conducted a large-scale, six-month business analysis, which included getting to know the existing processes and supporting the development of a solution based on the organization’s new requirements. After its completion, a phased implementation of an IT solution based on the Syndatis AIR platform took place.

As a result of the analysis, a detailed document was created which included:

  • description of processes – information flow within the organization
  • description of algorithms used by the client in capital management and financial flows
  • project of the end-user interface for the solution
  • assumptions for integration with external systems operating in the client’s environment

Experienced employees of the client who carry out these processes on a daily basis using the outdated and inefficient system (or completely outside of the system) were the source of knowledge.

The aim of the analysis was to prepare the ground for the implementation of a new solution, which took place immediately after its completion.


Understanding the complexity of the processes, developing a new algorithmic approach, incorporating numerous exceptions cohesively, ensuring high ergonomics of the planned solution.

The most difficult element of the project was the need for a thorough understanding and support in the process of changing the algorithms used by the organization for financial calculations. The previous way of conducting processes was to change, so the as-is state was only the starting point for further discussion. The specificity of the company required the need to take into account many exceptions in such a way that their future implementation in the new system was feasible and allowed for flexible changes. Over half of the time in the project was devoted to gathering information about these algorithms and their systematic documentation.

An important aspect was designing a visually impressive and ergonomic user interface, in accordance with the client’s guidelines and at the same time possible to implement on the Syndatis AIR platform.


As a result of the project, an extensive document was created presenting the scope from various perspectives (process, algorithmic, interface, technical). Based on the document, we prepared an IT solution.

After being accepted by the client, the document became the basis for the implementation of the IT solution (also carried out by Syndatis), which was designed for several phases carried out over the next year and a half. Currently, the system is successfully used in the organization’s daily work.

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