Consulting: How we work

Preliminary consultation

In our very first conversation, we try to help. We ask thorough questions, quickly suggest possible courses of action, evaluate the budget, and establish next steps.

Senior leading each project

Our clients speak with one of the partners at Syndatis from start to finish – an experienced manager who understands the challenges they face.

Proven methods for diagnosing processes

For almost 20 years, we have been improving business processes for our clients. We have developed diagnostic methods that allow us to identify opportunities for improvement within hours.

Early modelling and prototyping

The solutions we propose to the client are precisely calculated in terms of expected savings and improvements. If they include IT components, the client receives visualizations of interfaces to easily evaluate the usefulness of the solution.

Holistic approach to the implementation

The efficiency of every business process today depends largely on people and technology. Therefore, in our implementation teams, engineers and programmers work with specialists in managing the human aspect of change.

Iterative change management

Improving business processes is a race against time – every hour of suboptimal operation of procedures, technologies or people generates unnecessary costs. Therefore, we implement the first batch of improvements as quickly as possible, and with each subsequent implementation, we take into account the experience gained earlier. In this way, clients quickly gain value from our work, with the risk of errors minimized.

We change processes for good. We will help your organization!

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