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After the implementation of new directives regarding personal data protection, our client decided to automate the process of handling GDPR incidents and reports from individuals listed in the company’s databases.

The organization employs a large number of employees and conducts a correspondingly large number of recruitment processes. As a result, a sizable database was created that needed to be professionally managed and transparently handle the circulation process of requests for data access or erasure. It was also necessary to transparently handle the process of reporting data breaches.


As a result of a brief analysis, a prototype was created – an almost functioning system that handles several GDPR processes. Then it was supplemented with necessary automations and implemented in the organization on the Syndatis AIR platform. The entire project took about two months.

The GDPR module launched in Syndatis AIR allowed every client employee to register a report regarding a data breach. Such a report was appropriately processed, and every related activity was logged.

Furthermore, the system handled reports sent from external sources regarding the disclosure or erasure of data of individuals listed in databases managed by the client.

The system was designed to monitor all deadlines and inform interested users about the necessity of performing necessary actions.


Time was an essential parameter of the project.

The client made the decision quite late, and the project implementation had to be very fast. Thanks to an agile approach and an efficient architecture of Syndatis AIR that allows for the rapid delivery of ready-made solutions, the entire project was successfully completed in two months.


The quickly implemented solution allowed us to fully control the processes of personal data protection.

We were dealing with processes that had never existed in this form before, so there were no metrics to compare ourselves to after implementation. However, it can be said that the entire process worked efficiently and without any flaws, eliminating all risks associated with potential non-compliance with deadlines required by the law.

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