Comprehensive support for HR processes

International corporation from the FMCG industry

600 office workers

2000 factory workers


The client managed several factories in Poland from their headquarters in Warsaw. The dispersed structure and lack of tools required the creation of a solution to support time and other personnel management processes.

Factories operating in shift work managed employee schedules with the help of Excel spreadsheets. However, there was a lack of tools that allowed for comfortable and legal shift planning – and for providing necessary information to employees. Management of overtime, absences, distribution of personnel information, or communication between employees and management was done through email, verbal communication, or paper-based methods.


We conducted an analysis of the processes related to team management, which lasted for approximately six weeks. As a result, a comprehensive IT solution project was created. Two and a half months later, the first modules were already functioning within the organization.

As part of the project, a system was built based on the Syndatis BPM platform (an older version of the current Syndatis AIR) supporting the process of building work schedules for shift work in factories. The system was designed to be used on kiosks located in the factory hall. Each employee could not only check their workload but also apply for leave or handle other matters with the HR department. Schedules could be prepared in the system or in an Excel template designed for the purpose and imported into the system.

A module for applying for overtime work was also associated with the scheduling process, allowing for the approval of such requests and ensuring compliance with labor law requirements.

Data on vacations, overtime, and worked time were exported for calculations purposes through a specially designed interface to the central Peoplesoft payroll and HR system.

Additional processes allowed for the safe distribution of information to employees (pay slips, PIT) and communication on various current matters.


The most challenging part of the project was designing the work schedule tool correctly.

The algorithm had to work efficiently and be clear to managers. Thanks to the use of the Syndatis BPM platform, such a solution was able to be delivered and launched in the factories (on kiosks in the halls).


The gradual implementation of the solution allowed for effective automation of HR-related processes in the headquarters and factories. A significant increase in transparency in work planning translated into cost savings in personnel expenses.

Immediate access to information about absences, schedule changes, and overtime allowed to bring order to the previous organizational chaos. The savings associated with this can be estimated at about 5% of the total personnel costs. Properly implemented control over overtime hours helped to avoid the risk of penalties and employee frustration.

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